the lovespeaks series

I love talented women who love what they do.  I have had the privilege of working with so many.  When you do what you love, everyone benefits.  The world becomes a happier place.  I hope the lovespeaks series makes you happy and inspires you to be brave and bold and true to your talent.

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cast & crew of the lovespeaks series

Sally Lou Loveman 
Founder of lovespeaks

Karen Firsel 
Owner of Firsel Media

Candi Carter 
Executive Producer of The View

Rose Duong
Owner of Kingsbury Street Café

Dana Hughes 
Co-Owner of Danelle Designs

Jennifer Stamper 
Former Co-Owner of Juniper Boutique

Bridget McDermott
Founder of 84Rockwell

Gia Amato Miller
Co-Owner of The 60’s Beauty Lash

Chantel Luxem
Founder of LX Management

Dan Gelfond

Danny Morlock

Rose Duong

Diana Bros 

Brittani Sylvester

Jennifer McCall 
Production Assistant

A special thank you to Dan Fisher of Bottle Rocket Media whose counsel was greatly appreciated.