At the root of love is labor.  Love is hard.  Love is messy. Love is work.  When we labor for our love, love becomes comfortable, safe and joyful.  To have a career you love, fall in love, or love yourself, you have to be willing to do the hardest work of your life.  In the end, love is all that matters.  So join me and dig in, do the work and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Channel Your Inner Jimmy Kimmel

Another reason to love Jimmy Kimmel... He is my audience engagement and speaker hero and I simply adore him! So, when I watched his 13-minute monologue last night about his newborn son Billy, who was born with heart disease, Jimmy Kimmel took engagement to whole new...

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Putting the TV in PerspecTiVe

This past summer we had a flood in our house. I remember a year-and-a-half ago when we bought our townhouse, I was happy not to have a basement, because in all of our past homes, basements flood. As usual, the energy and words I put into the universe came right back...

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Happy Love Month

Happy February and Happy Love Month! For those of you who know me well, you know I have loved love long before love became my business. I have bar and bat mitzvah themes to prove it!   Plus, February is my birthday month and I don’t think it’s a mistake that my last...

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The Mingle Matters

I am so thrilled to have been a presenter at Chicago Ideas speaking on a topic that is close to my heart - audience engagement. Before we started, I got to know my audience by mingling. It’s what makes or breaks a speech. The better the audience, the better the...

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