Tune into your talents and connect with a life you love.

lovespeaks: introducing The Unexpected Speaker Workshop Series

The Unexpected Speaker workshop is for seasoned speakers, people who fear speaking, and people who want to connect with their audience.   This one-of-a-kind workshop adds magic, humor and heart to your speaking style and reduces the fear we have when we speak.  Speaking well in front of others is a career asset.  It's also a life asset.  Bring The Unexpected Speaker to your company and watch your employees go from good speakers to great speakers.  Being a great speaker is great for business.



my story...

I was the Audience producer for The Oprah Winfrey Show and Oprah's Lifeclass on OWN and spent 30 years doing what I loved -- working in television.  At age 14, I tuned in to my passion for TV when I sat in a television studio audience at The Mike Douglas Show. I spotted a girl on the set with a clipboard.  I didn't know what she did but I knew in that moment I wanted to do it too.

Today I share my insights and inspirations behind the microphone as a Speaker, Professional Emcee, Public Speaking Consultant and Do-What-You-Love Enthusiast. When people connect and recognize the great joys in life, the purpose that feeds their spirit and soul, they share that enthusiasm and drive with the people who surround them.  That's the moment when love really speaks.

and my mission...

lovespeaks is a connection agency and inspiration network. As a former television audience producer, I spent decades engaging, entertaining, and connecting with large groups while fostering a sense of shared experience and camaraderie. With lovespeaks, my speaking engagements focus on connecting audiences with their greatest talents and designing professional and personal experiences that embrace that innate joy and spark.

lovespeaks: sharing connection, sparking inspiration

Connecting with audiences is not only my passion, it's my life's work.  After years of entertaining audiences from the Oprah stage, my energy and heart are now on new stages with new audiences.  Whether you need an emcee to host your special event, or a keynote speaker to spark inspiration, my experience allows me to do either one.  I engage audiences with a meaningful message of connection to self and surroundings for the purposes of personal and professional development.  Activate your audience and develop a devoted following to your brand, your mission or your message by booking me at your next event. I promise that love will speak!